17: Sustainability, The Environment and Gardening with Marian Boswell

Joining Roz in the studio is Marian Boswell.  Roz came across Marian whilst browsing on instagram. We pick up Marian's story in todays episode covering sustainability, the environment and gardening. 

Today we will be discussing: 

  • How Instagram can be a positive thing for you. 
  • What can we do to make the world a better place? 
  • When we have humans at the centre of all this, it’s all about the human element. 
  • Mulch is a thing of the future. 
  • How gardening and mental health can help heal us. 
  • What’s the magic that happens after you stop full-time motherhood? 
  • What’s your legacy? 
  • How you create your garden is as important as why. 
  • Who’s inspired her? 
  • The people who inspire her. 
  • How do you do it all in a day?

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