18: How I Became a Cut Flower Farmer with Gardening Journalist Caroline Beck

Hello, and welcome to the Cut Flower Podcast, with Roz Chandler.  

Today Roz is joined by Caroline Beck who she met on instagram. Caroline was a Gardening Journalist prior to becoming a cut flower farmer.  

In todays episode they are discussing: 

  • How Caroline got into the world of cut flowers. 
  • Moving from a windy farm to a walled garden and being evicted. 
  • Why you need to do some marketing. 
  • Who do you think is going to be interested in a flower farm? 
  • Writing a book by mistake.
  • The importance of pivoting your business. 
  • You’ve got to learn from failure. 
  • How do you break the supply chain issue? 
  • If we practice supply chain and correct the land, you’ve cracked the UK market. 
  • Be realistic about what you want your income to be.

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