19: The connection between mental health and gardening with Helen Cross

Today Roz is joined in the Studio by Helen Cross, whom she met on instagram. 

Helen is in Glasgow. shes a mum of three.  During lockdown, Helen became really, really passionate about gardening, but actually, she thinks possibly the seed was sown was  before as she grew up on a farm on the southwest coast of Scotland, which her family still farm there as well.

Today's podcast discussion covers: 

  • Helen’s Introduction. 
  • We are in a crisis in mental health. 
  • What’s more going on in schools? 
  • The connection between mental health and gardening. 
  • What are some of your favourite guests? 
  • Self-publishing is a quick way to market, but it has its challenges. 
  • Who inspires you to keep going? 
  • It’s all about making it accessible and making it easy. 

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