2: Sweet Peas

Do you have questions about sweet peas? Roz provides all the answers in this podcast. 

Roz Chandler started her flower farming business ten years ago. This podcast is for you if you want to learn more about growing your own cut flowers. Roz will cover various subjects including setting a patch, your soil, manure and compost, seeds and germination, perennials and biannuals, foliage, and so much more.

Perfect for picking, fragrant sweet peas are easy to grow and come in a range of beautiful colours. What’s not to love about these beautiful cutting flowers? No cutting patch is complete without the British favourite, Sweet Peas. They grow, cut, and come again in bloom. 

In this episode, Roz shares her favourite Sweet Peas. You will learn: 

  • Should you pick sweet peas.
  • Can you grow sweet peas in a pot. 
  • Which variety of sweet pea to grow
  • How you should water sweet peas

Always known as the flower of scents – Roz highly recommends you consider these in your cutting patch.

Resources mentioned in the show: 

Sweet peas masterclass is available here.

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