22: Dried Flowers with Bex Partridge

In this weeks episode Roz is joined in the studio by Bex Partridge. 

Bex dried flower business really took off during covid lockdowns, she joins Roz to discuss the journey from corporate marketing and project management to dried flower entrepreneur.

She is the author of:  Everlastings comes Flowers Forever – a book that will inspire you to create beautiful floral displays with long lasting, dried flowers.

Flowers Forever: Celebrate the Beauty of Dried Flowers with Stunning Floral Art

Key discussion points Roz and Bex cover today are: 

  • Bex’s journey and how she got started. 
  • Dried flowers have always been a part of the British flower movement. 
  • Dried flowers are not a replacement for fresh, they are a different option. 
  • What’s your business? 
  • What’s your most proud project? 
  • What are some of my favourite plants to grow? 
  • Who inspires you to keep going? 
  • The power of a coaching retreat. 

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