33: 033 Green Fingered City Boy: Discovering the Joy of Gardening

In this friendly and informative episode, Roz welcomes Adam Marshall, known as Green fingered city boy on Instagram. Adam shares his gardening journey and how he has amassed nearly 70,000 followers on instagram.

Adam's gardening journey began in 2020, just before covid lockdowns, as a way to take control of his physical health and increase his physical capacity. Previously, he hadn't been involved in gardening, despite his mum's interest and memories of watching gardening shows together. During lockdown, with his work as a critical worker in pharmaceutical packaging design, Adam found solace in transforming his garden. His projects grew bigger and more adventurous.

Growing up with gardening influences from his parents and grandparents, Adam realised that ordinary people could achieve remarkable things in their gardens. He believes that gardening has become more accessible and cool for everyone, thanks to platforms like Instagram. By sharing photos and videos of his garden and various projects, Adam has connected with a growing audience and inspired others to give gardening a try.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embracing Gardening: Adam Marshall shares his journey of discovering gardening as a way to take control of his physical health and increase his physical capacity.
  • From Novice to Instagram Sensation: Adam's love for gardening grew during lockdown, leading him to create an Instagram account and share his garden transformations, which resonated with thousands of followers.
  • Making Gardening Cool: Adam's adventurous projects and playful attitude towards gardening have helped break the stereotype that it's an older person's hobby, making it accessible and appealing to a wider audience.
  • Trying Everything: Adam encourages others to explore different aspects of gardening and find what they enjoy most, emphasizing that there's something for everyone, whether it's outdoor gardening, houseplants, or other gardening-related activities
  • The Importance of Small Steps: Adam highlights the value of taking small steps and gradually building gardening skills, reminding listeners that gardening is a journey of discovery and enjoyment.
  • Finding Personal Passion: Adam's scattered content on social media reflects his ex

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