40: Gardening, Design, and Environmental Consciousness with Victoria Stanton

Join us in this engaging episode as Roz chats with Victoria Stanton, a passionate gardener, social media enthusiast, and aspiring garden designer. Victoria shares her journey into the world of gardening, her experiences with social media, her thoughts on sustainable design, and the positive impact of gardens on mental health.

Key Takeaways from today's episode:
Gardening and Family Influence:  Victoria's love for gardening was nurtured by her family, especially her grandparents who had a beautiful garden. Their influence led her to develop a deep appreciation for nature and plants.

The Power of Social Media: Victoria discusses how social media has played a crucial role in connecting garden enthusiasts, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others to take up gardening. It has provided a platform to learn, collaborate, and create a positive impact on the environment.

Balancing Nature and Design: Victoria emphasises the importance of designing gardens that harmonise with nature rather than dominate it. She believes in creating spaces that support wildlife, biodiversity, and sustainability while also offering aesthetic appeal.

Gardens for Mental Health: The conversation delves into the therapeutic aspects of gardening and spending time in green spaces. Victoria highlights how gardens offer solace, purpose, and a connection to the natural world, contributing to improved mental well-being.

The Value of Horticultural Education: Victoria shares her experience pursuing an RHS Level 2 horticultural qualification and how it has enriched her understanding of plants and gardening techniques. She values the knowledge gained and the connections formed through the process.

Environmental Consciousness: Victoria's passion for the environment and sustainable living shines through. She discusses the significance of leaving plants to decay naturally, attracting pollinators, and creating balanced ecosystems in gardens.

Inspiring the Younger Generation: Victoria expresses her desire to encourage younger individuals to embrace gardening as a rewarding and accessible activity. She believes that breaking the stereotype of gardening being only for retirees is crucial for a healthier future.

Future Aspirations: Victoria shares her aspiration to become a garden designer and make a positive difference in outdoor spaces. She envisions creating gardens that prioritize well-being, biodiversity, and environmental consciousness.

Balancing Work and Family: As a stay-at-home mom, Victoria discusses the challenges of managing her social media presence while raising a family. She talks about the support of her husband and her commitment to inspiring others through her online platforms.

Nature's Influence: Victoria's love for woodland environments and water features is highlighted, showcasing her appreciation for the calming and inspiring qualities of nature.

This enlightening conversation with Victoria Stanton underscores the transformative power of gardens, the importance of sustainable design, and the positive impact of connecting through social media in the realm of horticulture. Whether you're an experienced gardener

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