49: Blooming Pages: Roz’s Top Book Recommendations

In this episode, Roz shares her top book recommendations that delve into the world of flowers, gardening, and the floral industry. From promoting mental well-being in the garden to exploring the journey of cut flowers, Roz's selections cover a range of topics that flower enthusiasts will find both insightful and enjoyable.

Key Titles Include:

  • The RHS Your Well Being Garden: Discover the profound impact of green spaces and gardening on mental and physical health, backed by scientific evidence.
  • Gilding the Lily by Amy Stewart: A compelling exploration of the flower industry, shedding light on its practices, from worker treatment to environmental impact.
  • Everlastings by Bex Partridge: Beck's Partridge takes you on a journey celebrating dried flowers, offering practical advice on picking and drying, along with stunning projects for all levels.
  • Fantastic Foliage and How to Farm It by Hilary Collins: An indispensable guide to eucalyptus, providing in-depth knowledge on varieties, cultivation, and maintenance.
  • The Cut Flower Source Book by Richard Sigfried: Delve into the world of perennials and woody plants for cutting, offering valuable insights for both enthusiasts and aspiring flower farmers.
  • The Cut Flower Planner by Roz Chandler: A beautifully designed planner providing month-by-month guidance for a successful cutting garden, including tasks, recommendations, and space for notes.
  • From Seed to Vase : Experience the transformative journey of participants in an eight-month cut flower course during the challenges of COVID-19, a testament to the power of nature and community.

    Thank you for joining us on this exploration of flower-related literature. As the autumn and winter seasons approach, take some time to cozy up by the fire with a good book. Happy reading!*

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