56: Aromatic Blooms and Growing Dreams: Ed Boers Unveils the World of Fibrex Nurseries

Welcome, to another fascinating episode of The Cutflower Podcast. Today, we dive into the world of horticulture with Ed Boers, the passionate mind behind Fibrex Nurseries, renowned for their exquisite pelargoniums. Join me as we uncover Ed's journey, challenges, and aspirations.

In this episode, Ed shares insights into the unique scented plants he incorporates into marquee weddings, creating an aromatic English country garden ambience. He discusses the challenges of remembering the multitude of plant names, especially as a dyslexic, adding a touch of humour to the conversation.

Ed reflects on the transition of Fibrex Nurseries, detailing the move and the unexpected learning curves, emphasizing the time and care required for plant cuttings. Roz, the host, explores the distance between the two locations and the balance between public visits and online sales.

The conversation turns personal as Ed reveals his childhood dream job – a chef, and how his perspective on winning the lottery has shifted towards investing in gardening equipment rather than extravagant properties. As for the future, Ed outlines his vision for 2024, focusing on being present, learning the business inside out, and expanding into younger markets through channels like Instagram.

In a delightful exchange, Roz encourages Ed to embrace social media, sharing her experience with Instagram authenticity. Ed expresses his intention to take the leap, and Roz, with her characteristic enthusiasm, urges him to share more of his journey with the world.

Key Takeaways:
1. Scented plants add a unique and aromatic touch to events, creating a memorable ambience.
2. The challenges of moving a nursery, including the time-consuming process of plant cuttings and name memorization.
3. Ed's childhood dream job was to be a chef, showcasing the diverse paths that lead to horticulture.
4. Fibrex Nurseries' future involves a focus on being present, learning the business thoroughly, and expanding through online channels like Instagram.

Join us in this insightful conversation, exploring the intersection of passion, challenges, and dreams in the world of horticulture.

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