57: Blossoming Stories at Strawberry Hill – A Sustainable Flower Festival with Leigh Chappell

Welcome, flower enthusiasts! Join me, Roz Chandler, on another delightful episode of The Cutflower Podcast. Today, I have the pleasure of hosting the talented Leigh Chappell, a floral designer, photographer, and stylist, whose journey from Wales to London brings a unique perspective to the world of flowers.

In this episode, Leigh shares her creative evolution from a graphic designer to a florist, emphasising her love for British flowers and sustainable practices. The conversation unfolds to unveil the inception of the Strawberry Hill Sustainable Flower Festival, a remarkable event celebrating the artistry and diversity of floristry. Leigh reflects on the challenges and triumphs of promoting British flowers and fostering collaborations among growers, florists, and artisans.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Artistry in British Flowers: Explore the beauty of British flowers without the need for floral foam, as Leigh sheds light on the artistic expression and sustainable practices showcased at the Strawberry Hill Flower Festival.
  2. Collaboration for Growth: Discover the potential of collaborative efforts between growers and florists, addressing the distribution challenges and promoting a shift towards British-grown blooms in the floral industry.
  3. Educating Florists: Recognize the importance of educating florists about the unique qualities and possibilities offered by British flowers, challenging traditional practices and fostering a mindset shift towards sustainability.

Leigh Chappell Resources:

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