58: 058 The Plant Geek: Nurturing a Passion for Plants and Cultivating Opportunities in Gardening with Michael Perry

In this conversation, Michael Perry, also known as the Plant Geek, discusses his journey in the gardening industry and his passion for plants. He shares his early experiences gardening with his grandparents and how it shaped his love for plants. Michael talks about his career at Thompson & Morgan and his transition to a mixed portfolio of work. He also discusses his book, Water's Curious, and the inspiration behind it. 

Michael shares his approach to building a following on Instagram and the challenges he has faced in his career. He emphasises the importance of following instincts and staying open to opportunities. In this conversation, Michael and Roz discuss various topics related to work, travel, and future plans. They talk about the balance between work and personal travel, with Michael expressing his satisfaction in being able to travel for work and enjoy his job. They also discuss investing in Substack, a blogging platform, and the opportunities it provides for monetising knowledge. Michael shares his upcoming plans, including speaking at events and travelling abroad. They also touch on the American Association of Specialty Cut Flower Conference and the cooperative model of flower farmers. The conversation concludes with Roz expressing appreciation for Michael's knowledge and sharing his contact details.


  • Early experiences gardening with grandparents can shape a lifelong passion for plants.
  • Transitioning to a mixed portfolio of work can provide new opportunities and challenges.
  • Building a following on social media, such as Instagram, can serve as a portfolio and connect with industry professionals.
  • Following instincts and staying open to opportunities can lead to a fulfilling career.
  • Passion for plants and gardening can be shared through various mediums, such as books and podcasts. Balancing work and personal travel can lead to a fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Investing in platforms like Substack can provide opportunities to monetize knowledge.
  • Attending conferences and events can offer valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.
  • Cooperative models in industries like flower farming can be effective for distribution and collaboration.

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