59: 059 Sustainability in the Flower Industry: A Deep Dive with Professors Dave Goulston, Marian Boswell, and David Bek

Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Cutflower Podcast! In this episode, Roz is honoured to have three distinguished guests, Professor Dave Goulston, Marian Boswell, and Professor David Bek, each bringing their unique expertise to the table.

Hailing from diverse backgrounds, these experts delve into the fascinating realm of sustainability in the flower industry, providing valuable insights and perspectives. Join Roz as she explores the intersection of academia, biology, landscaping, and economic development, unravelling the complexities and opportunities that shape the world of cut flowers.

Guest Introductions:

 1. Dave Goulston:

  •  Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex.
  • A lifelong insect enthusiast, specialising in bumblebees.
  • Author of books such as “The Garden Jungle” and “Silent Earth.”
  • Advocate for insect conservation and sustainable gardening.

2. Marian Boswell:

  •   Landscape architect and former lecturer at the University of Greenwich.
  • Specialised in historic garden conservation.
  • Author of the book “Sustainable Garden.”
  • Focuses on regenerative design and sustainability in landscaping.

3. David Bek

  • Recently appointed Professor of Sustainability and Economic Development at Coventry University.
  • Background in geography and development studies
  • Expert in sustainability-related aspects of horticultural supply chains.
  • Co-founder of the Sustainable Cut Flowers Project.

Episode Highlights:

1. Dave Goulston on Bumblebees and Insect Conservation:

  • Discussion on the decline of bumblebees and the importance of insect conservation
  • The role of gardens in supporting insect biodiversity.
  • Sustainable gardening practices and the value of rewilding.

2. Marian Boswell on Sustainable Landscaping:

  • Exploring Marian’s journey in historic garden conservation.
  • The significance of honouring the past in landscaping.
  • Sustainable and regenerative design principles in gardening.

3. David Bek on Sustainability in the Flower Industry:

  •  Insights into David’s academic journey and research interests.
  • The Sustainable Cut Flowers Project and its mission.
  • Challenges and opportunities in achieving sustainability in the flower industry.

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