6: Ladybird Plantcare with Tessa Cobley

Roz caught up with Tessa Dooley from Ladybird Plantcare this week. 

Tessa, mum to young twins, bought Ladybird Plantcare in November 2018. Prior to owning Ladybird, Tessa worked in marketing, she has worked on lots of different brands across a long periods of time.  A definite career shift from marketing to plantcare.

Listen in to this fascinating episode all about natural predators for plantcare.

This weeks key discussion points included:

  • About your business – Ladybird Plantcare
  • What’s the market for biological control in the UK? 
  • What’s your best seller? 
  • Slugs and snails are already in the garden. 
  • Vine weevil and slugs. 
  • What are thrips? How do we avoid them? 
  • What to do if you’ve got a lot of whitefly. 
  • Who’s inspired you in your career? 

Tessa Cobley Resources:

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