61: Embracing Blooms and Growth

Hello fellow garden enthusiasts! 🌷 Roz Chandler here, I am thrilled to embark on another delightful episode of The Cutflower Podcast. Join me as we uncover the magic of blooms and gardening wisdom. 

As January unfolds, we're knee-deep in our cut flower planting series, gearing up for a spectacular February. Exciting news – our free online master classes starting on February 1st are a must-attend. Get ready for a blooming adventure!

Podcast Review and Highlights:
Celebrate with me as The Cutflower Podcast blooms at number four on Apple's Home and Garden Podcasts. Let's reminisce about the podcast wonders from last year – a garden journey for every listener, whether you're a seasoned fan or a fresh bud.

Blooms for the Soul: Therapeutic Gardens:
Step into the serene world of therapeutic gardens with heartwarming stories from Ratio Gardens. Join uplifting conversations with Dr. Olivia Chappell, Dr. Richard Claxton, and garden therapist Ashley Edwards. Discover the healing power of gardening for mental well-being.

Nurturing Mental Well-being:
Explore episodes focused on mental health and gardening with guests like Helen Cross and Alice Vincent. Unearth the profound impact of gardening on well-being and the joy of connecting with nature.

Wildlife, Biodiversity, and Football Gardens:
Embark on a delightful journey with beekeeper Helen Rogers and Professor Dave Goulson into the world of bees and biodiversity. Meet Michael Canard, the green mind behind a coastal compost club intertwining football and gardening. Footballers turned gardeners? Let's kick off this green revolution!

Adapting to Climate Change:
Navigate the green path with Sally Morgan's insights on resilient gardening and Marianne Boswell's wisdom on sustainability in the face of climate change. Listen as Professor Alastair Griffiths shares the RHS perspective on tackling climate challenges.

Sowing Seeds of Inspiration:
For aspiring flower farmers, don't miss the inspiring journey of Sue McGlasson. From seedling dreams to blooming reality, her story is a testament to the flourishing possibilities in the world of flower farming.

As we wrap up this vibrant bouquet of insights, mark your calendars for our master classes on the first, second, and fifth of February. Join our Facebook group, Cut Flower Masterclasses 2024, and let's continue growing together. Until next time, happy gardening! 🌻

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