The Cut Flower Podcast: a digest

Montage of images: left side shows the thumnail image for TCF podcast including Roz in the cutting patch. Right side shows headshots of 9 of her podcast guests.

If you’d looked through my kitchen window a couple of weeks ago you would have seen me jumping up and down, followed by frantic messaging and social media posting.  The Cut Flower Podcast had made it to No.4 in Apple Podcast’s GB Home and Garden chart! Podcasts are more popular than ever and there is a wealth to choose from, … Read More

Are you living on Flower Time?

Photo image of two Evening Primrose flowers opening.

Anyone who’s dipped into horticultural history, will know the name of Carl Linnaeus. He was an 18th century Swedish naturalist most famous for classifying all minerals, plants and animals known at that time. You’d think he’d want a long lie down after that, but no – he went on to establish the use of binomial nomenclature for plants which had … Read More

Our Top Seven cut flower varieties this year

Trio of photos showing Achillea millefolium 'Summer Pastels', Cosmos bipinnatus 'Kiiro' and Sweet Rocket in a bouguet with tulips.

Subscribers to my newsletter (if that’s not you, sign-up here), will have heard me talk about some of the varieties of flowering plants we’ve tried for the first time this season and how they’ve fared. On your own plot, this is a great time of year to bask in successes and review things that didn’t go so well. If you’d … Read More

To lift or not to lift?  What to do with your Dahlia tubers over winter.

Close up of a gardener's hands holding dahlia tubers. Inset photo shows a peachy-pink ball dahlia.

Dahlia foliage will die off in the first frosts of late autumn/early winter. At this point you need to take steps to protect the tubers over winter.  You have two main choices: dig them up and store them or cover them snugly to sit out winter in the soil. For more information on caring for Dahlias, my Dahlia Masterclass is … Read More

Autumn jobs in the garden and cutting patch

Chrysanthamums and other flowers in a polytunnel

Early autumn can seem positively relaxed after the spin of trying to keep up with plant growth, cutting and deadheading over the summer months. Yes, we can slow down a bit but don’t put your feet up just yet!  There are plenty of jobs to be done during the autumn months to get your cutting patch into the best possible … Read More

What bulbs should I be planting in the autumn?

Triple image featuring pink tulips, drumstick alliums and Ornithogalum (Star of Bethlehem).

Planting bulbs in the autumn is a great way to ensure beautiful spring blooms in the UK. For most autumn-planted bulbs you’ll want to get them in the ground by the end of September, whilst the soil is still warm. The exception to this is tulips which should not be planted until temperatures have dropped – tulips do not want … Read More

Taking inspiration from Pantone colour of the year 2023: Viva Magenta

Background image is of a pink and white Cosmos flower against cosmos foliage. Inset photos show pink Amaranthus flowers and the swatch for Pantone colour Viva Magenta.

Magenta is a vibrant and eye-catching colour that can add a bold statement to any garden or floral arrangement. It’s also colour-matching authority Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year 2023’ in the form of ‘Viva Magenta’. At Field Gate Flowers a lot of our colour palate is influenced by what brides and grooms are currently looking for in wedding floral arrangements.  … Read More

Book Lovers Day: Books for the Flower Farmer

A woman sits at a garden potting table reading out loud from a book. Across the table (face unseen) another person is listening and potting up plants.

Wednesday 9 August is National Book Lovers Day in the UK. If, like me, you can just as easily curl up with a horticultural book as a good novel, here’s some of my favourites that as a flower farmer I wouldn’t be without: The Cut Flower Sourcebook: Exceptional Perennials and Woody Plants for Cutting by Rachel Siegfried This book is … Read More

Not yet convinced by Dahlias?

Tryptic of dahlias as an example of the different varieties available.

Q: What do Hush Puppies (the shoe brand) and dahlias (the flower) have in common? A: They’ve both gone from being deeply unfashionable to popularity of almost epidemic proportions. See this link and Malcolm Gladwell’s book for the Hush Puppy revival story – for Dahlias, carry on reading here… Given their current popularity and the ‘something-for-everyone’ range of Dahlia varieties … Read More

4 ways in which gardening can benefit your health

You may have heard the term ‘therapeutic horticulture’.  Perhaps you’re already benefiting from it?  How great would it be to have a hobby that you love, that brings you happiness and improves your health? Better still, you don’t need a load of fancy expensive equipment, and there isn’t an inch of Lycra in sight! Gardening is that hobby, I do … Read More