How to water effectively for your plants

Mid shot of a female gardener walking away from camera., through a flower field, holding a metal watering can.

Water, water… everywhere? If, like me, you live in the UK, water (in the form of rain) can seem to go from being everywhere and non-stop to weeks without a drop.  With our climate undeniably changing, gardeners and horticulturalists are having to rethink planting and plant care, and this includes watering. We need to conserve water, there’s no question about … Read More

UK cut flower perennials – my top picks

A field lilac-purple verbena stems.

Perennials: we love them on the flower farm.  Whether for foliage or cut flowers, they are the foundation of our output and once established should only need occasional maintenance. When choosing perennials for your cut flower patch, it’s important to consider plants that have long-lasting blooms, sturdy stems, and a good vase life. Here are some popular perennial flowers to … Read More

Dr Olivia Chapple on the healing power of horticulture

Blue asters in foreground. Out-of-focus in background a group of nurses sit around a table chatting.

Everything in a Horatio’s Garden space has been designed to access the benefits of being outdoors and amongst plants, without reminding users of their disability. This is the ethos championed by Dr Oliva Chapple as Chair of the Trustees of ‘Horatio’s Garden’ charity. If you’d not heard of Horatio’s Garden before 2023, you will most likely have seen coverage of … Read More

Six ways buying locally grown flowers can benefit our environment.

Close up of a bucket of freshly cut flowers in pinks and greens.

Growing native blooms (for us at Field Gate that means ‘British blooms’) can have many positive impacts on the environment.  If you grow your own cut flowers you will no doubt already be aware of the benefits of cultivating your patch, both for your own health and for the environment. If you’re buying cut flowers for yourself or for giving, … Read More

Is it worth the wait to plant a biennial?

A field of colourful foxglove flowers in full bloom.

Biennials have a two-year life cycle and won’t flower until the second year.  So, when should you sow biennials and is it worth the wait? As a flower farmer, growing biennials is a big win in my book.  In mid-late summer when your sowing of annuals is done, its time to get the biennials out.  Sow biennial seeds in July … Read More

What is Propagation

We are hosting 2 free Webinars on the 17th and 18th April at 8pm GMT – all about Plants for free.  Do join us here –  What is Propagation?  Plant propagation is the art of creating new plants at no cost. Instead of purchasing new plants from a garden centre, we gardeners can save a significant amount of money by … Read More

The 10 best flowers to grow for cutting

I love growing blooms on the farm and deciding on my ten best flowers to grow for cutting was really *really* hard! I think I may need to do another one of these blogs as it changes month to month and season to season… having said that, these flowers bring me joy every year without fail. So, here are my … Read More

Seed to Vase Stories; Always something more to learn

Seed to vase stories

Even after more than a decade as a flower farmer, I still have so much to learn. In fact, I am acutely aware that I’ll never know everything there is to know about all things horticultural – and I’m okay with that. Kim Vaux, one of my Seed to Vase community, feels the same. Having had a keen interest in … Read More

Growing through grief; a Seed to Vase story

Growing through Grief

A little over two years ago, Alison Cutland received the news that no parent would ever want to hear that caused tremendous grief. Her darling daughter had died in highly unusual circumstances whilst on an internship in Madagascar as part of her degree at Cambridge. Having passed away in a way that couldn’t possibly have been foreseen, the grief and … Read More