All about Dahlias with Tom From Woolmans

Today's episode is all about Dahlias. I was joined by the lovely Tom from Woolmans. A font of all knowledge as he has been in horticulture all his life.If you are in our Membership group we do have discounts from suppliers – Woolmans have been very generous.What is our memberhship?Its a wonderful community of flower lovers.There is a no-commitment to … Read More

Top tips for a cutting Patch

Our top tips for having your own cutting patch – read from the book Seed To Vase.If you would like more tips do join us on our annual Cut Flower Challenge commencing on the 3rd of February.Sign up here. information here3 FREE MASTERCLASSES – HAVING A CUTTING PATCH. So can we make this year's cutting patch challenge bigger than last … Read More

Seed To Vase – A Collection Of Stories. Alice Hare

A chapter from the book Seed to Vase- a collection of storiesAlice Hare joined me on my seed to vase course. This is a chapter from the book about her story. SEED TO VASE – A journey that involved so much more than growing flowers. Participants came together from all corners of the UK, USA and Europe to join an … Read More

Jobs to do in January

Jobs in The garden in January. Have fun and enjoy them.Our rose masterclass is available at

Using Plants for Natural Dyeing

This is an interview between Roz and Susan and Ashley from Natures Rainbow insight into dyeing materials from plants.Fascinating.

Its a Bugs Life

Let's talk Bugs in the garden. I was joined by the lovely Tessa of Ladybird Plant Care this week.Tessa was answering some questions live in the Facebook Group – The Cut Flower Collective and I thought it would be nice to share them with you.Enjoy.