BONUS Cultivating Magic with Dried Flowers: A Journey with Bex Partridge

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Welcome to another exciting episode of our podcast! I’m delighted to welcome Bex Partridge, an inspirational author and floral designer. Bex shares her remarkable journey from corporate life to becoming a leading figure in the dried flower movement. As a huge fan of her work, I couldn't wait to dive into the story behind her beautiful creations.

Summary: Bex Partridge takes us through her unique path, highlighting how a passion for gardening evolved into a thriving business. From her early days helping in her mum's garden to discovering the charm of dried flowers, Bex’s story is both inspiring and relatable. She discusses how her experiences, particularly during lockdown, shaped her business and creative approach. Bex reveals her transition from corporate marketing to a full-time floral artist, emphasising the role of nature and seasonality in her work.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Passion-Driven Career Change: Bex’s journey shows how following a genuine passion can lead to unexpected and fulfilling career paths.
  2. The Beauty of Dried Flowers: Dried flowers offer a unique and lasting alternative to fresh blooms, serving as beautiful, sustainable home decor.
  3. Nature as Inspiration: Regular immersion in nature significantly influences Bex’s creative process, resulting in designs that reflect the seasons and natural world.
  4. Growing Techniques: Bex shares insights on growing and drying flowers, with specific tips on varieties like strawflowers and grasses that are perfect for dried arrangements.
  5. Community and Workshops: The importance of community in her business is evident, as Bex enjoys hosting and participating in workshops and retreats to share her knowledge and connect with others.
  6. Creative Projects: From writing books to creating stunning installations, Bex continuously pushes creative boundaries, showing the potential of dried flowers in various forms.

Join us as we explore

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