How to start growing flowers for your home

I wish I had a pound for every time I have been asked how to start growing flowers! Having home grown blooms in your house feels like such a luxury in this day and age – and so sustainable compared to buying flown flowers. And that’s before we get into the joy the cultivating your patch brings you and the benefits to your mental health.

Back to basics: planning your cut flower plot – part two

A female gardener tends flowering plants in a raised bed.

In part one of this blog post, we looked at what to consider when selecting a site for your cut flower beds.  If you’ve not already read part one, please do as it includes basic considerations when starting out. Our 7-month cut flower growing course Seed to Vase will take you step by step through the growing season. Join the … Read More

Back to basics: planning your cut flower plot

The foot of a gardener is seen pushing a spade into soil to be dug.

Whether you have a garden, an allotment, a small plot or a large area of land that’s destined to be a flower farm, you need a plan to get started. This two-part blog post will cover the basics of planning your plot.  For step-by-step tuition on setting up a cutting patch, our 7-month Seed to Vase course will run again … Read More

To lift or not to lift?  What to do with your Dahlia tubers over winter.

Close up of a gardener's hands holding dahlia tubers. Inset photo shows a peachy-pink ball dahlia.

Dahlia foliage will die off in the first frosts of late autumn/early winter. At this point you need to take steps to protect the tubers over winter.  You have two main choices: dig them up and store them or cover them snugly to sit out winter in the soil. For more information on caring for Dahlias, my Dahlia Masterclass is … Read More

How to water effectively for your plants

Mid shot of a female gardener walking away from camera., through a flower field, holding a metal watering can.

Water, water… everywhere? If, like me, you live in the UK, water (in the form of rain) can seem to go from being everywhere and non-stop to weeks without a drop.  With our climate undeniably changing, gardeners and horticulturalists are having to rethink planting and plant care, and this includes watering. We need to conserve water, there’s no question about … Read More