Inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January

inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January

I know I am not the only one itching to get started on my cut flowers for 2023. Here are my cut flower book recommendations for January to whet your whistle (I tried to think of a flowery analogy but drew a blank! Let me know if you think of one?!)

Roses by Michael Marriott 

I first met Michael when he came and spoke to two of our online groups – A Cut Above (Propagation Course) and The Best Bunch Membership (A community of cut flower enthusiasts). Now is a great time to buy bare root roses so I had to choose this as one of my cut flower book recommendations for January.

Michael Marriott is one of the world’s leading rosarians.  He is also well-known for his rose garden design and his common sense approach to looking after roses. In his work he travels the globe, often sharing his expertise in lively radio, TV, newspaper and magazine interviews. 

rose by Michael Marriott, inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January
Roses by Michael Marriott, inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January

He was an integral part of David Austin Roses for 35 years and at the firm’s headquarters in Albrighton where he was the font of knowledge for all matters relating to roses. Michael has played an important part in the development and popularisation of English Roses and therefore has intimate knowledge of all of the 200 plus English Roses bred and introduced by David Austin Roses. 

His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge of roses is encyclopaedic, especially for the species roses, the old roses, the climbers and ramblers, the best modern roses and of course David Austin’s English Roses.  

This book celebrates  the very best of roses, including the right varieties to choose and how to grow them. With more than 30,000 different types of roses available to gardeners across the world, how do you find the right one for your garden? 

Far more than a basic guide to rose cultivation, this invaluable guide teaches gardeners how they can make the most of their garden’s unique qualities, from practical considerations like soil and climate to the mood and style of the space. With the book’s unique “rose selector” section, readers can identify the ideal roses for their garden and discover the varieties best suited to uses such as for scent or for pergolas.  

“The author is an expert in his field. The book covers all of the expected territory and is full of beautiful supporting photographs.” Amazon review

Roses by Michael Marriott is available on Amazon

RHS Your Wellbeing Garden  

I had the pleasure of interviewing Prof. Alistair Griffiths on my podcast. He is passionate and extremely committed to researching the links between gardening and improvement in mental health. He is in the midst of a 5-year scientific study on this subject. 

A survey in the UK, conducted by Censuswide, found that since the pandemic: 

  • over 7 million say their mental health has benefitted from taking up gardening for the first time; 
  • over 3 million say their mental health has benefitted from moving out of an urban area to get access to outdoor space or a garden.
Your Wellbeing Garden, inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January
Your Wellbeing Garden, inspiring cut flower book recommendations for January

Do grab his book and discover… 

How certain plants can form a barrier against air and noise pollution 
Which birdsong alleviates anxiety 
How plants can help to save energy 
Why green is so good for us 

Learn how connecting with nature can reduce stress and improve wellbeing. You don’t even need a garden – even a balcony or houseplants can help to boost your mood. Every recommendation is backed by scientific research, drawn together by the team of RHS scientists and experts. Favourite garden designer at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Matt Keightley then suggests how to translate the science into ideas for your green space. 
With this groundbreaking book, find out how, in sometimes very simple ways, you can create an outdoor space that nourishes your mind and body, and is good for our planet too. 

“This book is fantastic. I’m working on our garden and the ideas in the book have extended the projects I already have. We have family members with autism, mental health problems and PTSD so all need a calm and relaxing space. I’d give it more than five stars if I could, it’s beautifully illustrated, well explained and really easy to dip into – I’m even finding it relaxing to read the book! The ideas are realistic for those of us with an average garden or small outdoor space, there’s also a section on balcony and window boxes/ planters and indoor spaces, so you don’t even need a garden or yard to access it. RHS, as ever, absolutely nailed it.” Amazon review

Your Wellbeing Garden by Prof. Alistair Griffiths is available on Amazon

Seed To Vase 

My own book. I wrote the book I thought was missing; full of stories of how growing cut flowers have changed lives. We came together from all corners of the UK, USA and Europe to join a course on growing cut flowers. From homes in many acres in Scotland to apartment blocks in London with rented raised beds, they all had a common love of flowers. 
But these people found so much more than that. This book details some of their lives and experiences as they learned not only how to grow cut flowers, but a great deal about themselves and one another. They found a community in which they all found inspiration and confidence, regardless of their initial reasons for joining the course. 

Seed to Vase; inspiring cutting flower books for January
Seed to Vase; inspiring cutting flower books for January

Seed to Vase includes stories of bereavement, sadness, joy and laughter at a time when the world was facing restrictions in so many ways due to Covid-19. This was a time to rediscover nature and the simple joys in life. 
It is a really nice easy inspiring read and hope you love it too. 

“A wonderful book full of personal and truly inspirational stories of members from Roz’s Seed to Vase course. Roz brought all these stories together in an easy to read heart warming book. Packed with lots of useful advice too. A super read and makes a wonderful present for anyone interested in flowers and gardening.”

More cut flower book recommendations for January

Your Cut Flower Planner 

I decided to write this part planner/part book in late 2022. I felt there was nothing available for cut flower growers to record their year – so this is a perfect time for this cut flower book recommendation for January.

This planner includes the following:- 
– Month-by-month jobs to do in the patch. Each month there are lists of tasks to include general maintenance, Pests and diseases to look out for, and sowing and planting recommendations. 
– Lots of space to record your sowing and planting. 
– Our annual cut flower recommendations. 
– Recommendations on perennials and foliage 
– A British flower guide by month – what is in season and when
– Areas to make a record of your patch and also any learnings to take forward to the next season. 
An absolute must for anyone wanting to have their own cutting garden!

Your Cut Flower Planner; inspiring cutting flower books for January
Your Cut Flower Planner; inspiring cutting flower books for January

“I really love this planner. Lots of space to record everything you sow along with germination rates and notes for the following season. Monthly tips and jobs to complete with detailed plant guides and a plot planner. Everything I need for a great 2023 season growing cut flowers! Roz has created a really useful and practical diary. I just need one to start in September to record all my hardy annuals that are already sown!!” Amazon review

Wedding Flowers by Georgie Newberry 

First published in 2015 this book is a great resource for those looking to grow their own wedding flowers.  I first met Georgie in 2012 and thank her for inspiring me on my journey. She is a Flower Farmer based in Somerset and has a wealth of knowledge on cut flowers. 

Wedding Flowers; inspiring cutting flower books for January
Wedding Flowers; inspiring cutting flower books for January

“I bought this book as soon as I saw it as I already have Georgie’s excellent first book ‘The Flower Farmer’s Year’; I was not disappointed.

I am currently aiming to grow flowers for my own daughter’s wedding and this book is full of very practical advice. Georgie clearly loves growing her own flowers and is very passionate about sharing what she has learnt with other growers.

The book makes it very clear about how much space you will need to be able to harvest the amount of flowers that you will need so you can decide for yourself whether or not this is achievable in your available space. I also like the fact that there are chapters for each season so you can focus on the flowers that will be available for the required time of year. The Season Planner at the end of the book is extremely useful for highlighting plants for specific seasons. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” Amazon Review

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