Seed to Vase - Cut Flower Course

It's time for you. Join our Cutting Flower Course - Garden Path: Seed to Vase Course

Our eight-month cutting patch course will take you on a journey from seed to vase. 

  • Have you ever dreamt of growing your own cut flowers but not sure where to start? 
  • Would you like to walk down the garden path and pick flowers for friends and family? Its lovely to be able to make your own bouquets as gifts
  • Are you concerned that 90 percent of our flowers in the UK are imported and most travel many thousands of miles from as far away as Columbia, Kenya and Ethiopia? These are heavily treated by pesticides and herbicides, and chemically treated to make the journey across our seas
  • Due to over production and treatment by chemicals, our imported blooms lack scent
  • Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint and help save the planet for your children and their children’s children? 
  • Do you have visions of blooms in vases across your home – scented and beautiful. There is nothing better than walking into a home full of scent from sweet peas, stocks and roses 

In its third year, we are delighted to have received such amazing feedback and hope you will join us on your journey.

I learned how to grow flowers from scratch, slowly and with guidance along the way building up to a whole growing season. I loved the sessions and the sense of community.
I now have the ability to grow from seed to vase with confidence and know what I am doing!
I've learnt everything I could possibly need in the growing of Annuals, perennials and biannuals, from how to sow seeds all the way through to cutting the flowers for use in bouquets and arrangements. Ive gained knowledge, patience and friendships!"
I have successfully grown my own flowers - I have learned so many new skills I have taken the plunge and started selling my blooms! What an achievement!
2000⁺ plants grown, 75⁺ bunches, vases or bouquets given away and I have made lots of people smile!

Closed for 2022 now

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