Gardening for Wellbeing with Ellen Mary Webster

Welcome to another episode of The Cutflower Podcast, where we delve into the world of gardening and its profound impact on our wellbeing.

In this episode, Roz and Ellen share their profound appreciation for nature and the inspiration it brings to their lives. Ellen, an avid gardener, emphasizes the importance of recognising that we are inherently a part of nature. She finds immense joy in witnessing others discover the wonders of gardening, from the first harvest to the awe of watching a sunflower bloom. Roz leads an engaging conversation, asking Ellen about her desert island book choices, revealing personal anecdotes, and exploring her childhood dream of becoming an RAF pilot. The episode encapsulates their shared passion for gardening and its role in their lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nature as Inspiration: Ellen emphasizes the profound impact of nature on our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It's not just about reconnecting with nature, but recognizing that we are nature.
  • Memorable Books: Ellen's book choices reflect her deep-rooted connections – from a book on desert island cooking to a herbal remedies guide, and the sentimental choice of “Cider with Rosie” that holds cherished memories.
  • Childhood Dreams: Ellen's childhood dream of becoming an RAF pilot, while unexpected, showcases the power of youthful aspirations and how they shape our journeys.
  • Gardening for the Community: In a hypothetical lottery win scenario, Ellen envisions using the windfall to create a small holding, growing food for the community, and providing a space for wellness activities.
  • Adapting to Climate Change: Roz and Ellen discuss the changing climate and the need for resilient planting, highlighting the importance of considering future climates when planning gardens.

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How to Grow a Garden

The Joy of Gardening 


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