How to start growing flowers for your home

I wish I had a pound for every time I have been asked how to start growing flowers! Having home grown blooms in your house feels like such a luxury in this day and age – and so sustainable compared to buying flown flowers. And that’s before we get into the joy the cultivating your patch brings you and the benefits to your mental health.

So, I wanted to set out the first steps so you can start growing flowers too!

Size doesn’t matter when you start growing flowers

You can grow a huge amount of flowers on a relatively small patch. I started with 9m2 but many of my students on Seed to Vase grow on only 3m2. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a square patch; a long thin patch approximately 1m wide is easier to grow on so you can reach your lovely flowers!

Create a bed for your blooms

I like to keep things simple. Either create a patch in an existing garden bed (or patches!) or create a new bed. No dig beds are my preferred option – you can read all about creating one here. They are the quickest and easiest way to make new growing space. Plus there is a growing body of research to suggest that its actually better than digging for the structure of your soil too.

start growing flowers
start growing flowers

Start growing flowers you want to have in your house!

We all have things we dislike (I have a friend who can’t bear yellow, red and orange blooms!) and things we love. Grow what you love and ignore the flowers you don’t. Maybe you adore roses and cant stand amaranthus? Love nigella and hate sweet peas? Don’t grow what you don’t love! Need some inspiration? Take a look at my list of top cut flowers here.

Annuals vs perennials

In case that doesn’t make a word of sense… Annuals are plants that grow for one year only. Perennials come back year after year. Annuals give you the most bloom for your buck. They can be grown inexpensively from seeds and flower prolifically in only 10-12 weeks. Perennials have their place too, but I often recommend novices start with annuals – the magic of watching your plant babies come to life is extremely motivating!

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