Ten top January Cut Flower Gardening Jobs

January cutting patch gardening jobs

Happy January! Contrary to popular opinion, there are loads of January cut flower gardening jobs, and when the mornings are crisp and cold, it’s invigorating to be outside and around nature. Why not make a New Years resolution to be out in the garden more – find out why it is so good for you and your mental health here. Surely much easier to keep than the usual ‘new year, new you’ resolutions.

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Here are my top ten January cut flower gardening jobs:

1. Plant bare root roses and shrubs

As long as the ground isn’t frozen you can get these in while they are dormant, ready to enjoy come spring! Plus, it is more sustainable to transport bare root plants. Why not treat yourself to a David Austin rose – my favourite is Queen of Sweden – they are 30% cheaper to buy bare root than in leaf!

2. Take root cuttings of fleshy rooted perennials 

We like root cuttings here as they don’t require any special aftercare and produce relatively vigorous and well sized plants swiftly.

3. Cut back perennials

Here at Field Gate Flowers, I like to leave perennials – both for winter interest and for ground cover. Seed heads especially look gorgeous all frosted – but are often past their best by late January. Cut back anything that has gone mushy too!

4. Move anything that is in the wrong place

The old adage, wrong place wrong plant is always true. Move these plants now while they are dormant to give them the best chance to flourish come spring.

5. Clean greenhouses, tunnels and cold frames

Light levels are low and its good to make sure you maximise the amount of light coming into your over wintered plants. Giving a good clean is also an important January cut flower gardening job so that any diseases are minimised when the weather warms up.

6. Keep watching the weather

Watch the cold weather and fleece plants as necessary. Snow and freezing temperatures are not uncommon into early spring.

7. Order your seeds for the year

All the lovely seed catalogues are arriving in the post now – I am like a child in a sweet shop. Only order what you love and can cope with, otherwise they will go to waste. Not good for the environment or your bank account!

8. Sow sweet peas

Sweet pea seedlings.

Sweet peas will over winter until the Spring and warmer weather. They take 10 -21 days to germinate at 12 degrees. Find out more on growing sweet peas here and listen to my solo podcast on sweet peas here and my podcast chat with sweet pea expert (and National Collection holder) Roger Parsons, here.

9. Plant dahlia seeds

You can plant dahlia seeds at 18-21 degrees in a propagator. They should take 5 -20 days to germinate.

10. Check your tubers and any stored bulbs

Check all dahlias or any stored bulbs and tubers for rot and also to see if those pesky mice have gotten in. 

But the most important January cutting patch gardening job…

Have fun in your patch – try something new and enjoy being outside!

Want more? Join our Cut Flower Masterclasses 2024 Facebook Group and access our free masterclasses which will be broadcast live at the beginning of February. We have free downloads and lots going on in this group while you’re waiting!

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