The Cut Flower Podcast Season 2 Episode 14: Mental Health and Getting Out in the Garden and Nature with Dr Menije Boduryan

Today Roz is joined in the studio by Dr. Menije Boduryan, who joined from the West Coast of America.  

Today covers the whole subject of mental health and getting outside. Nature and gardening, which Roz of course has an absolute passion for. 

Today's discussion covers:

  • Perfectionism vs. Overcoming Perfectionism.
  • How do we get self-care on the top of our list? 
  • What does success look like in nature? 
  • The Well-Gardened Mind. 
  • Why you need to assess your why. 
  • What is your favourite book?

Dr Menije Boduryan Resources: 

Roz Chandler Resources:

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