Rose Masterclass

Ever wonder how to prune a rose properly?

Want to propagate your own stock? Join us on our Rose Masterclass. 

Roses grown at Field Gate are worlds apart from the sterile, factory-grown fare, imported varieties. We would love you to grow, maintain and cut beautiful roses from your garden. 

There is very little information out there on growing garden roses for cutting, so we will share our discoveries and practical experiences with you. 

One Hour of recorded video detailing, pruning, propagation, pests and disease, care and treatment is so informative and a delight.

We will cover the following: – 

  • Sourcing and planting our top 10 varieties for flowers from June til October.
  • Pruning for stem length, feeding, and dead heading
  • Propagation – increasing your stock.
  • Pests and how to deal with them.
  • Cutting and conditioning roses for a vase

Additionally, we have provided a PDF on our top ten cutting roses for your garden. 

We have also included information on the most frequently asked questions. 

Join us for your rose journey.