Sweet Peas Masterclass

Ever wondered how to grow sweet peas?

Lots of talk of root trainers, toilet rolls and even gutters. Let us demystify the secret of sweet peas. 

Join our Sweet Pea Masterclass. 

Sweet peas are grown at Field Gate in large numbers – we cannot get enough of them and such a great cutting flower. 

A recorded video detailing, sowing, caring, planting, support, deadheading and cutting is included. 

We cover the following: – 

  • Sourcing and planting sweet peas – top varieties in guide.
  • Sowing seeds for maximum yield
  • Caring for seedlings
  • Support of the sweet pea plants – so many options.
  • Deadheading
  • Cutting and arranging in a vase

Additionally, we have provided a PDF guide to support our video. 

Join us for your sweet pea journey