Cut Flower Farmers: Get ready for the UK Border Target Operating Model

Who’s fed up with hearing about Brexit and whether or not things have got better or worse since the UK formally separated from the EU?  Probably most of us!  If it doesn’t affect you on a daily basis, you’ve almost certainly started tuning out when the latest update on tariffs and border controls is announced. However, if you’re a flower … Read More

Preventing deer and rabbits from entering your garden or plot

A deer munching on tree foliage. Inset image: an alert rabbit.

As winter draws in, wildlife ventures further afield in search of food sources. Deer and rabbits are lovely at a distance (or in Disney movies) but can devastate a cultivated plot of flowers or vegetables. Keeping them out is a challenge, but there are several measures you can take to help protect your plants and landscaping. Here are some that … Read More

Autumn jobs in the garden and cutting patch

Chrysanthamums and other flowers in a polytunnel

Early autumn can seem positively relaxed after the spin of trying to keep up with plant growth, cutting and deadheading over the summer months. Yes, we can slow down a bit but don’t put your feet up just yet!  There are plenty of jobs to be done during the autumn months to get your cutting patch into the best possible … Read More

Six ways buying locally grown flowers can benefit our environment.

Close up of a bucket of freshly cut flowers in pinks and greens.

Growing native blooms (for us at Field Gate that means ‘British blooms’) can have many positive impacts on the environment.  If you grow your own cut flowers you will no doubt already be aware of the benefits of cultivating your patch, both for your own health and for the environment. If you’re buying cut flowers for yourself or for giving, … Read More