4 ways in which gardening can benefit your health

You may have heard the term ‘therapeutic horticulture’.  Perhaps you’re already benefiting from it?  How great would it be to have a hobby that you love, that brings you happiness and improves your health? Better still, you don’t need a load of fancy expensive equipment, and there isn’t an inch of Lycra in sight! Gardening is that hobby, I do … Read More

Dr Olivia Chapple on the healing power of horticulture

Blue asters in foreground. Out-of-focus in background a group of nurses sit around a table chatting.

Everything in a Horatio’s Garden space has been designed to access the benefits of being outdoors and amongst plants, without reminding users of their disability. This is the ethos championed by Dr Oliva Chapple as Chair of the Trustees of ‘Horatio’s Garden’ charity. If you’d not heard of Horatio’s Garden before 2023, you will most likely have seen coverage of … Read More