The Cut Flower Podcast: a digest

Montage of images: left side shows the thumnail image for TCF podcast including Roz in the cutting patch. Right side shows headshots of 9 of her podcast guests.

If you’d looked through my kitchen window a couple of weeks ago you would have seen me jumping up and down, followed by frantic messaging and social media posting.  The Cut Flower Podcast had made it to No.4 in Apple Podcast’s GB Home and Garden chart!

Podcasts are more popular than ever and there is a wealth to choose from, including plenty on horticultural and environmental topics with a particular areas of expertise. This – along with the fact that we were only ‘outcasted’ by BBC Gardener’s Question Time, Sarah Raven and friends and Gardening with the RHS – makes our chart position a real testament to time spent behind the scenes producing the show.

In my mission to entice experts and enthusiasts to join me in in the studio, I have myself discovered some truly exceptional people and learned so, so much from chatting to them.  The podcast archive now runs across 11 pages on my website, so if you’re looking for a particular episode or just want to find a diving in point, here’s my ‘pick of the pod’ so far:


Horatio’s Garden Co-Founder and Trustee, Dr Olivia Chappele

GP and ‘Greenfingers’ charity Trustee Dr Richard Claxton

Garden Therapist and Head Gardener at Horatio’s Garden London, Ashley Edwards

Therapeutic gardens with health psychologist Bethany Harries

Above L-R: Dr Oliva Chappele, Dr Richard Claxton, Ashley Edwards


Finding joy and connection in the garden with Anya Lautenbach (aka Anya the Flower Fairy)

Mental health and gardening (including gardening in schools) with Helen Cross

Self-care and the well-gardened mind with Dr Menije Boduryan

Alice Vincent, author of the book ‘Why Women Grow’


Beekeeper and honey expert, Helen Rogers

Bees, Insects, Peat and the Planet with Professor Dave Goulson

Biological pest control with Tessa Dooley of Ladybird Plantcare

The Compost Club with Michael Kennard

Above L-R: Anya Lautenbach, Prof Dave Goulson, Helen Rogers


Embracing climate-resilient gardening with Sally Morgan

Sustainability, the Environment & Gardening – Marian Boswall

RHS Director of Science & Collections, Professor Alastair Griffiths

Sustainability and supply chains with Dr David Bek


From lockdown seeds to flower farm dreams with Sue McGlasson

The next generation of flower farmer: Hannah Benson

Amber Partner from Howe Farm Flowers

The Beauty of British Flowers with Nicola Hill of Gentle Blooms


RHS grad, garden designer and podcaster ‘Mike the Gardener’

Florists, horticulturalists, broadcaster and all round plant enthusiasts Steve & Paula of Floral Media

Green Fingered City Boy: Discovering the joy of gardening with Adam Marshall


The School of Sustainable Floristry with Cissy Bullock

Floral artist and grower Joanna Game

Revolutionising floristry: the sustainable solution with Dundee Butcher of Phoam Labs


All about Chysanthemums with Tom Simpson from Woolmans

Peony farmer Elonor Tivey

Alstroemeria with Ben Cross

Sweet Peas with National Collection holder Roger Parsons

Dried Flowers with Bex Partridge

Talking Tulips with Emily Von Trapp

Spotlight on Dahlias with Gardener’s World Live expert Kim O’Brien

Ranunculus with Andrew Bly of Italian Ranunculua

Above L-R: Elonor Tivey, Ben Cross, Bex Partridge


De-clutter your life: Ready to grow your business – with life coach Kerry Hales

Knowing your customer and social media visibility with Katie Colella

Roz’s Top Tips for making money as a Flower Farmer

That is just a selection of my conversations and recordings – there are plenty more!

You can find the entire Cut Flower Podcast archive here and I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

Happy listening.


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