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Your Accountability and Implementation Coach

Roz is  a Board-level Sales & Marketing Leader, Non-Executive Director and Digital Marketing Specialist, enabling the delivery of commercially-focused business strategies. 

She is known for making things happen and ensuring that she brings her energy and focus to your business. She is an in demand accountability coach and flower farmer trainer. 

Building on a successful career in Marketing & Sales, she established  a digital agency in 2003 which grew into an innovative and profitable agency under her guidance. She developed cutting-edge digital strategies for clients including: Monarch Airlines; Butlin’s; Simple (part of Unilever); Avon; The Zoological Society, London; The Open University; Gainsborough Showers Ltd; and DKB (Household Gadgets). 

She then worked as an interim Marketing Director with the aim of growing businesses and delivering real value. Roz currently mentors individuals that want to develop an online business as well as being a flower farmer trainer. 

Roz is also now a bestselling author, check out her book here. She has also appeared on Lisa Johnson's podcast, listen here.


It started as a hobby...

Alongside her marketing career, she  ran a flower farm. What started as a hobby over 10 years ago became so much more! She enrolled on the One-to-Many course in October 2020 run by Lisa Johnson and completed it in Feb 2021. This gave her the structure and know how together with the digital background to launch several online courses.

She has as part of her portfolio worked with a number of individuals looking to grow their businesses and truly loves this. Roz loves seeing businesses flourish and working with owners to implement all the strategy. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Sales & Marketing Leadership
  • Digital Strategy
  • Sales
  • Creative Strategies to Business Objectives 
  • PR
  • Online Strategy
  • Senior Executive Mentoring / Coaching
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Brand development
  • Programme / Project Leadership 

How to work with Roz

Roz offers 121 coaching from £129 for a bespoke, power hour dive into your business. The content is completely tailored to you and your goals.

Want to know more? Please email Roz now for a preliminary call. 


Don't take our word for it


I worked with Roz to help me to develop a marketing strategy to build my audience and she is the font of all knowledge; super supportive and responsive too. I highly recommend working with her if you need some support around your marketing, running a business, accountability and cheerleading.
Emma Haslam


Integrity is so important when you are entrusting someone to help your business - Roz is one of the most genuine people i have ever met. 

Nothing is ever too much for her, and her willingness to lead from the front is invaluable for any busy busienss like ours.
It has been a wonderful experience working with Roz and an absolute pleasure.
Karl Tulloch


It was fantastic to have Roz work with us whilst our Marketing Department was transitioning and developing for an even stronger future. She was a great listener, proactively supportive with real inspirational ideas and advice for my team. Well worth the investment. Thanks Roz.
Kathryn Beaurain


Roz is a fantastic character, incredibly chirpy with a sensational positive attitude that is infectious beyond belief. Her sales and marketing knowledge are second to none and I would strongly endorse the skills she has to improve any business in any sector. 
As a mentor she is very personable and understanding, showing a wonderful balance of demand and support to tackle the challenges at hand. She is always more interested in the person rather than the work which says a lot about the person she is.
Andy Lynch


Roz is one of those people who gets things done - and has creative ideas too. Those two don't always go together so it's very valuable when they do as with Roz. 
Likewise Roz can pontificate on Strategy with the best (Sorry Roz, you'd probably prefer I found a better way to put that) and at the same time is completely prepared to roll up her sleeves and make the strategy happen.. Another rare pairing that is valuable when it happens. 
And she's such an enthusiastic bubbly personality that it's a pleasure to work with her too. 

Bob Bradley


Roz and I have been working on projects together now for over 12 months covering everything from sales strategies, digital marketing to e-commerce. Roz has an enviable depth of knowledge and can translate this into meaningful actions and results. With a hands-on approach that's combined with the skill to motivate others she has become a trusted and respected part of the team.
Heather Claridge

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