Book - Seed to Vase

Inspiring stories of growing cut flowers

Roz wrote a book in 2021 following a successful seed to vase course. It became an Amazon best seller in nine categories. We hope very much you will take the time to read it.


Participants came together from all corners of the UK, USA and Europe to join an 8-month course on growing cut flowers. From homes in many acres in Scotland to apartment blocks in London with rented raised beds, they all had a common love of flowers.

But these people found so much more than that. This book details some of their lives and experiences as they learned not only how to grow cut flowers, but a great deal about themselves and one another. They found a community in which they all found inspiration and confidence, regardless of their initial reasons for joining the course.

Seed to Vase includes stories of bereavement, sadness, joy and laughter at a time when the world was facing restrictions in so many ways due to Covid-19. This was a time to rediscover nature and the simple joys in life.



A lovely collection of stories about some of the participants of the Seed To Vase course during the Pandemic. All with different growing environments, levels of experience and personal circumstances. Intertwined with Roz’s own snippets of guidance and encouragement. Hardly able to put it down at night, and first thing to be picked back up again the following morning before leaving for work! This book would make a great gift, or a charming personal read. 
Claire Davison


I absolutely love this book, it is so inspiring and great to really see how last year's course members got on. It is fascinating to see how they have progressed since doing the course and each story just really grips you. Wonderful book, I keep re reading it every time I get a chance. Looking forward to the next one 😉


An easy read, I found myself drawn into the life stories of people as they share their journies into flower growing during the pandemic. This book demonstrates clearly how nature can help mental health in a positive way, and reinforced that it is okay to step back and reinvent yourself if needed. Something that really resonated with me. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Lynda Ali


Such a lovely easy to read book with stories of peoples cut flower growing journeys. Roz Chandler is inspirational with her constant help with in her Seed to Vase Courses and also The Cut Flower Collective. A pleasuse to read, I couldn't put it down.
Francis Winter-Taylor


A very easy to read inspirational book following a range of people on Roz Chandler’s 2021 ‘Seed to Vase’ online course. Each following a passion to grow flowers for many different reasons from choosing a different career path to dealing with bereavement. The book shows how therapeutic & enjoyable taking on the challenge of growing your own blooms can be. There are some lovely & poignant Winnie The Pooh quotes at the beginning of each chapter too which I adore.

I was lucky enough to do one of Roz’s online Rose masterclasses last year & a short taster cut flower course. This year I am signed up to the 2022 full Seed to Vase course, having been inspired by the stories in this book. A lovely read, well recommended.

A refreshing change to hear about the impact a “gardening course” has had on people, all females dare I say it in the book, and one that has been a catalyst to lifestyle changes. Roz has obviously empowered those who joined her “Seed to Vase” course to follow their hearts and minds to a new, happier, albeit sometimes challenging, vocation, hobby or new beginning!! Thank you all for sharing your very special stories through Roz. Roz thank you for sharing your experiences too!!

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